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with precision

Ensure the pace of your production with our tool, designed to perfect and optimize every aspect of your operations.

Leverage our anticipation engine to find the best production strategies and achieve your goals month after month.


A tool designed by and for producers.

Facilitate the management of your production operations with powerful automations that guarantee real-time profitability.

One-click progress updates

Quickly update the progress of your projects and spot inconsistencies or delays to adjust trajectories in real time.

Controlled time

Associate planned and actual hours for each project, optimizing the management of work time and resources.

Your operational control tower

Monitor your projects with centralized and proactive management using our dashboards, and quickly respond to any discrepancies. Anticipate the need for follow-up actions to optimize your staffing.

All your data in one place

Integrate all your production data into a single system for effortless analysis and reconciliation.

What the
production management module enables

01 Projet schedules

With a simple right-click, quickly add tasks to your project management calendar. Use distinct color codes to easily differentiate projects, vacation periods, and overloads. Our system also integrates the management of equipment and meeting spaces, allowing for simultaneous planning of human and material resources.

With a simple manipulation of your calendar, get a clear overview of the time allocated by your teams, whether billable or not. This visibility allows you to see precisely which projects they have worked on or will work on in the coming days and months, optimizing the efficient allocation of each resource.

Faced with discrepancies between projected progress and actual effort? Non-profitable additional costs on a project? When managing multiple projects simultaneously, it’s crucial to have an accurate overview. Furious simplifies this monitoring with intuitive dashboards that highlight key performance indicators and facilitate your decision-making. You also receive email alerts for projects with detected anomalies for quick corrective action.

Provide continuous support to your project managers with Furious, which assists daily in optimizing profitability, forecasting workloads, and signaling potential errors. Our anticipation engine, combined with a conversational interface, becomes an essential tool for proactive project management.


Our clients
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David Aït-Ali
Co-founder, Rébellion agency

Furious has saved us 10% of the agency's overall time. It may seem small, but as we grow, it's huge. Automation and regular indicators have made a big difference.

Jérôme Balmain
Founder, La Haute Société

Before Furious, we had scheduling issues: information was centralized with one person, and visibility was lacking for everyone else. Today, we can see everyone's schedule indiscriminately - no need to ask to see the information; the information is shared.

Pascal Van Berten
Managing Director, Progress Partners

With Furious, we have saved between 20 and 30% of our time in business management. Without hiring, we process 4 to 5 times more invoices than before. Management is much more efficient.

A myriad of integrations & automations available








Are you wondering ?

Does Furious handle
multi-entity management?

Furious manages multi-entity operations, supporting VAT, currencies, business units, offices and all intercontract issues. Centralize and simplify your entity management with Furious.


What will my year-end results look like?

With Furious, you can track your annual financial performance in real time, integrating gross margin, production and sales. All your input data (sales pipe, projects sold, vacations, absences, production delays, etc.) are taken into account, enabling you to manage your forecasts efficiently.


How do I measure the time spent on my projects?

Whatever your organization, Furious offers tools to automate time planning, track hours spent and predict the impact on the profitability of your projects.


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