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Furious lets you refocus on what you do best – serving your customers.

From planning to operational execution, we’re here to make your life easier.



Our vision

Give you back your time and ensure profitability and speed. To help you anticipate and assist you in all stages of value creation. A real co-pilot for your business!

An international software

We cross borders and are deployed at our customers' sites all over the world. Today, we're present on every continent and ready to accompany you wherever you are!

Impeccable availability.

100% availability rate over the last three years. Not a single % less. We are dedicated to being there for our clients when they need us the most.

10 years of field experience

In operation for 10 years, we have developed unrivalled expertise in our field. Each new customer feedback contributes to an ever more relevant whole in the field.


The birth of Furious: from reorganization to innovation

After running an award-winning digital agency for 10 years (200 people, 6 sites, 4 countries, 3 continents, 40% growth/year for 10 years), we experienced all the joys of reorganization, data consolidation and constant to-ing and fro-ing in order to guarantee our growth and profitability. Realizing that the multiplication of tools was reducing visibility, we developed our own software. Because the more tools there are, the less visibility there is.

So Furious was born, with the aim of simplifying processes and enabling our managers to focus on their customers and teams, improving efficiency and commitment within the company.

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    Alexandre Vernier
    CEO, ODW agency

    Thanks to the KPIs provided by Furious, we finally have full visibility of our projects and resources. Decisions are now based on reliable data.

    Cédric Morel
    CEO, HULA HOOP agency

    Thanks to Furious, our growth is better organized. We can manage and schedule our teams across different structures and locations, from Montreal to Nantes. It's an essential tool for continuing and supporting our remote expansion. It's an essential tool for continuing and supporting our remote expansion.

    Pascal Van Berten
    Associate director, Progress Partners

    Before, we were using two systems and losing up to 30% of our invoices, with 80% unbilled. Since we've been using Furious, what isn't registered isn't billed, which has improved our revenues. Aujourd'hui, seulement 9% des factures restent impayées grâce à l'automatisation et au management visuel.

    Amaury Bataille
    Managing director, Monet+Associés

    We switched to Furious when our sales were just over 6 million euros (...) Since we installed Furious, we've doubled our sales in two years.

    Jérôme Balmain
    Director of Operations, La Haute Société

    Having a tool that covers the entire value chain, from centralization (from quotation to pre-sales) to production and delivery of the device, gives us greater consistency and control over our processes.

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