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With our innovative tool, we help our clients optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability. Become Furious too!


A tool designed for consulting and auditing professionals.

Adapt your working methods with a platform that meets the unique challenges of the consulting and auditing industry.

Simplify your processes, from data collection to recommendation delivery, while ensuring flawless integrity and accuracy.

An indispensable financial control tower

Discover our treasury tool to control all your cash flows at a glance. Get a powerful module for bank reconciliation, direct debit and payment of your service providers right from Furious!

Target tracking

Our intelligent dashboards give you a clear, real-time view of your sales, margins, purchases, projected profitability and more. Analyze your business performance and risks at a glance, and secure your company. Keep an eye on your expenses and control your budget like never before.

Simplify the management of your quotes and invoices

Easily convert quotations into invoices - for straightforward, omnichannel project management. Fully automate invoice dispatch and reminders. Simplify online payments for your customers.

Pre-accounting & connections

Furious allows you to make over 80% of your accounting entries automatically. Numerous exports and APIs are available to the main accounting tools on the market, enabling you to integrate them back into your accounting or payroll systems.

allows your firm to:

01 Visualize availability

Furious integrates several tools and views that simplify the visibility of availability in the short, medium, and long term. Our tool also helps you anticipate the future with a powerful artificial intelligence engine.

The CRM part of Furious provides everything you need for managing prospecting, quotes, and sales pipeline tracking.

Based on your workflow, Furious helps you clarify your objectives and supports your daily actions.

Furious also calculates the exact cost of your pre-sales activities and alerts you if it becomes unreasonable.

Automation and system integration are essential for optimizing the operations of consulting firms and reducing costs. Get ready to take your business to the next level with Furious!

A simple right-click allows you to add tasks to the production schedule. Then, visualize key elements (project/ vacation /overloads /etc.) with different color codes.

With our intuitive and customizable tool, you can easily plan, track, and control your projects, optimize resource allocation, and gain efficiency.

Furious integrates tools that simplify the issuance of quotes (with client-specific rate grids, etc.) and invoices (one-click invoicing, etc.).

Its intuitive interface combined with a conversational approach makes life easier for your back office.

Our ERP software includes financial management and cost control tools, allowing you to track your expenses, manage budgets, and make accurate financial forecasts.

Furious integrates an expense report management module. Simple and efficient, just take a photo with your phone and your expense report goes through the validation workflow.

In one click, invoice them for your missions and link them to the corresponding project to get a truly comprehensive view of profitability!

Furious integrates pre-accounting production and automatic closing to achieve faster reconciliation between operations and accounting.

Furious allows you to invoice the time spent during the month with one click.

You can attach a contract to a client and thus link your time and expenses easily every month.

Furious connects to your banks, allowing you to automatically and easily reconcile most monthly bank transactions.


Our clients
speak about


Pascal Van Berten
Associate Director, Progress Partners

Before, we used two systems and lost up to 30% of our invoices, with 80% of retainer fees unbilled. Since we started using Furious, what is not recorded is not billed, which has improved our revenue. Today, only 9% of invoices remain unpaid thanks to automation and visual management.

Jérôme Balmain
Operations Director, La Haute Société

Having a tool that covers the entire value chain, from initial centralization (quote creation in pre-sales) to production and delivery, allows us to be more coherent and better control our processes.

Amaury Bataille
Managing Director, Monet+Associés

We switched to Furious when we were generating a little over 6 million euros in revenue (...) Since we implemented Furious, we have doubled our revenue in two years.

A myriad of integrations & automations available








Are you wondering ?

Can I automate my
time-based invoicing?

Furious simplifies the planning and recording of time spent by each employee on each project. The resulting billing actions (control, invoicing, dunning, bank reconciliation) are automated to save you time.


How can I automate the validation of my times and the generation of
activity reports?

Furious, designed around the time management industry, offers specialized and advanced tools to automate the entry and control of your CRAs and times, thus optimizing your validation processes.


How can I enhance the value of my employees’ skills in relation to the projects I sell?

Attaching skills and collaborators to project lines right from the quotation stage is a way of enhancing their value. Furious helps you do just that, as well as noting and assessing individual skills and aptitudes.


How can I automate my expense reports and invoicing?

Automate your expense management with workflows designed for the consulting industry. Furious facilitates creation (recognition and pre-filling), validation, payment and allocation to project costs.


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