to your sales actions

Automate your sales operations from lead management to customer retention, and maximize your conversion rate with a smooth pipeline.

Stay in control with real-time tracking of all your data.

Synchronize your pipeline with production needs to optimize your team’s staffing.


A tool designed by and for sales professionals

Simplify the management of your sales activities with powerful automations and complete visibility over your pipeline.

From prospect to client in a few clicks

Focus on finding prospects, we simplify the rest. Assess each prospect's level of interest, quickly review the full history of your interactions, and draft and approve quotes instantly.

An autopilot for greater efficiency

Implement your own automations at each stage of your sales cycle. Eliminate missed follow-ups and tedious procedures.

Your sales control tower

Centralized and real-time management Lead your business and achieve your goals through a unique and customizable platform. With Furious, gain a clear view of your closing probabilities. Get a real-time view of your weighted pipelines, essential for effectively prioritizing your sales efforts.

All your data in one place

Unify your data: forget about reconciliations between softwares which don’t communicate. With Furious, audit your data where it's generated and save time and accuracy.

What the
sales module enables

01 Pipeline

Update the status of your prospects with one click and control all your sales tracking. Automate your actions and maximize your conversion rate.

Quickly create, adjust, and send your quotes from your pricing tables.

Track the gross margin of each sale in real time, from quote creation to project completion. Furious provides continuous transparency to ensure your profitability.

End ineffective pre-sales efforts that reduce project profitability. With Furious, quickly understand and adjust the impact of these efforts on your results.

Customize the indicators you follow at any time (gross margin, signed revenue, gross margin of quotes by BU, etc.). Stay in control of your business with real-time reporting.

Set up smart automations to optimize your interactions: follow up with prospects at the right time, share high-quality content highlighting your advantages, and schedule tasks for today or next month. Ensure an adequate process for each prospect and increase your chances of conversion.


Our clients
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Shirley Jagle
Director, Digital Village of Bordeaux

Furious Squad allows us to manage our prospecting efficiently, see if we have enough quotes in progress, and make quick decisions thanks to better visibility.

Harold Gardas
CEO, KÖM Group

Furious helps us identify profitable projects through an audit with client KPIs, allowing us to know where to intensify our commercial efforts.

Nicolas Quillet
CEO, WOKINE agency

All the time spent in pre-sales is integrated into the projects, allowing us to understand that the project is already underway before the kickoff.

A myriad of integrations & automations available








Are you wondering ?

How to properly structure my sales pipeline?

It is crucial to organize your pipeline around your landing dates and pre-plan the impact of your sales from the quote stage. Our pipeline, list, and widget views allow you to track your sales team and control your pre-sales costs.

What to do with the time spent on my pre-sales?

Often lost in the complexities of agencies, the time spent on pre-sales can be costly without us knowing. Furious sets alert thresholds for the time spent relative to the gross margin on quotes and integrates this cost into the profitability of projects and clients.


How to anticipate my schedules based on my sales pipeline?

From the quote stage, Furious allows you to anticipate your schedules by reserving the necessary people, skills, and business units. The dates are updated in case of closing delays, taking into account the probability of winning the quote.


Does Furious manage multiple entities?

Furious manages multiple entities by supporting VAT, currencies, business units, offices, and all intercontract issues. Centralize and simplify the management of your entities with Furious.


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