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A scalable solution for agencies

Manage all your team or service company workflow and all business data in one place.

A unique conversational approach

Furious is based on a powerful conversational engine that significantly facilitates the management of your organisation.

A revolutionary anticipation engine

Furious incorporates an anticipation engine based on an artificial intelligence that assists you in managing your team.

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Our solutions

Managing your business automatically

All you need to manage your team or service company through a smart, intuitive and conversational solution

  • An indispensable monitoring platform for all your projects

    The accumulation of diverse and varied non-integrated tools is over. Furious brings together all the features necessary for the proper management of all types of projects (fixed-price projects, fees, project management, TPAM, contracted purchases, etc.).

    Simplify your business management with our AI-assisted planning tools, Gantt views, task and ticket management tools, etc.

  • Strengthen your prospecting and your business follow-up

    With our tools for monitoring sales volume, sales representatives, prospecting, conversion rates and pre-sales charges, sell better and more profitably.

  • Smart financial tools

    Furious automatically detects the invoices to be issued, and interacts autonomously with your teams. It can also automatically create invoices, send them to your customers and follow-up with them when they are due.

    Cash Planner anticipates your finance for 12 months,

  • Manage your production very closely

    Our anticipation engine offers you the best production combination in order to optimise your monthly production performance in real time.

    Our collaborative and conversational planning tools relieve you of 80% of the planning burden.

    Our clients gain an average of 7 months of visibility on their planning.

  • No more searching for hours!

    Furious offers you a visual and intuitive interface to easily find all your creations / quotes / videos / files etc. and then share them with your customers with a simple click!

  • Revolutionise your team's HR experience!

    From our intelligent recruitment workflows, through HR quality management (employee onboarding, annual interviews, automatic evaluation, one-click leave management, teleworking, automated employee satisfaction questionnaire), to team management and internal needs, we have thought of everything to simplify your life.

  • It's time to monitor quality

    Furious natively integrates automatic rating tools for your customers and employees, as well as a multitude of real-time quality indices to improve your business management.

And many more

We still have many surprises for you, request your free trial to find out!

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