Manage your teams

efficiently and successfully

Automate your HR processes:Optimize recruitment, talent management, and retention with tools that facilitate tracking and planning of human resources while maximizing employee engagement.

Stay in control with a clear view of your talent pool and real-time employee satisfaction.


A tool designed by and for RH professionals.

Smooth and efficient management of human resources supported by intelligent business automations. Complete visibility over each employee’s journey and well-being.

Efficient recruitment

Simplify your recruitment process, from identification to onboarding, with intuitive tools that attract the best talents.

Real-time employee tracking

Monitor employee engagement and satisfaction, even when they are on client assignments.

Career and skills management

Enable employees to rate their skills and satisfaction with projects, promoting their personal and professional development.

Leave planning

Manage and anticipate absences for better planning and to avoid negative impacts on client projects.

What the
HRModule enables

01 Customizable recruitment

Create a consistent and high-quality candidate experience tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Track employee satisfaction and well-being with continuous feedback tools.

Plan and manage absences with a few clicks, maintaining complete transparency with clients.

Evaluate and manage careers through regular reviews and integrated performance assessments.

Automate repetitive tasks such as follow-ups and document management, freeing up time for value-added activities.


Our clients
speak about


Jérôme Balmain
CEO, La Haute Société

Furious Squad has improved the quality of our work and allows us to do more with the same team, faster. Leave management and schedule consolidation are now much more efficient.

Alexandre Aymé
CEO, Adveris agency

Before Furious Squad, our project management lacked real-time data, and we couldn't prevent issues in time. Now, our management is optimized, and profitability is better valued according to experience levels.

A myriad of integrations & automations available








Are you wondering ?

Does Furious handle
multi-entity management?

Furious manages multi-entity operations, supporting VAT, currencies, business units, offices and all intercontract issues. Centralize and simplify your entity management with Furious.


How to automate the validation of my time and the generation of activity reports?

Designed with time management in mind, Furious offers specialized and advanced tools to automate the entry and control of your CRAs and time, thereby optimizing your validation processes.


How to value my team’s skills based on my sold projects?

Linking skills and team members to project lines from the quote stage allows for better valuation. Furious helps you do this in addition to rating and assessing each individual’s skills and preferences.

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