How to organise your commercial pipe for better performance?

The beginning of the year is always intense ( as well as the end of the year!), and the good management of your commercial pipe is crucial. It is important not to miss any leads and to keep a close eye on the actions to be taken while remaining organised.

It’s just not easy to juggle between the form contacts on your supersite.com, the biz opportunities from Michel the boss’s buddy, the 48 business cards (real or virtual) picked up at the last Grand Prix/Salon/PetitDej’ (delete as appropriate) by Chloé the indefatigable bizdev and the incoming calls…

Not to mention the hardcore canvassing conducted in parallel by your death hunters. Lots of contacts, supports and probably several cross-tabulations…

To this, you add the rain of incoming briefs (don’t be modest… or else be optimistic!) and quickly, the drowning is felt… not to mention the difficulty in extracting stats’ and projections from them, which are nevertheless essential to lead one’s boat in 2021.

In short, you are wondering how to organize your commercial pipe for better performance and insight?

First of all, we recommend that you differentiate the centres of gravity.

Two phases = two pipes

In fact, the upstream prospecting phase is actually quite far removed in our business from the ” competition ” phase and does not involve the same actions or often the same teams.

That’s why we felt it was essential in Furious to distinguish between the two pipes:

  • the CRM pipe dedicated to contacts from prospecting: one record = one contact with the advertiser. The weighting of the turnover is done according to the level of contact with the prospect.
CRM Furious Pipe
The CRM Furious pipe
  • the Business pipeline, dedicated to the valuation of business: one card = one quote or one business in progress. The weighting of the turnover is done according to the business stage: waiting for a brief, pre-sale in progress, proposal sent (to each one to personalise!)
Business Furious Pipe
the Business pipeline Furious

The advantages

A differentiated system like this has several advantages:

  1. Controlling costs and pre-sales planning while anticipating resource planning in the event of winning the competition
  2. Clearly allocate tasks to sales representatives, bizdev or client managers. Each with their own scope and dashboard, but in the same tool #oncommuniqueonpartage
  3. Closely monitor transformation rates

Furious also includes a module that allows us to record and analyse the reasons for a loss of competitiveness ->This allows us to identify our weak points simply and factually.

Of course, the 2 pipes are entirely modular, you can choose the name and the number of columns, you can drag & drop the cards from one column to another (this was the English minute of the com’ ), you can create a contact/notice sheet on the fly and you can sort it out in 3 ticks.

The whole thing is connected to your emails/agenda/chat and allows you to anticipate renderings, reminders and kick-offs without even thinking about it!

In conclusion, forget Jean-Claude Convenant, forget Excel, forget Salesforce, here we are talking about integrated CRM, designed by bizdev agencies and SSII since 20 years

And that changes everything!

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