Davy Tessier, CEO of Furious, responds to BFM Business

This weekend, Davy Tessier, CEO of Furious, responded to questions from Jeanne Baron, in the Hebdo Com on BFM Business.

What are the advantages of an ERP like Furious?

Discover his interview.

[Jeanne Baron] What is the status of AI in the field of communication today in France?

[Davy Tessier] AI is a tool for developers. People prefer to tell themselves that their tool is equipped with AI in the same way that they prefer to tell ourselves that we have a car that consumes less fuel or that we have the latest camera technology in our phone.

It is the how but not the why.

The main issue is the proactive aspect of the tools, the predictive aspect. Great tools, nice and easy to use, are already a big deal for many VSEs, but the challenge for the years to come will be tools that allow them to anticipate or even understand customer flows and intervene if necessary.

On this path, AI, but not only AI, can change the game.

[JB] That’s where you come in with your pearl, Furious, tell us about your story?

[DT] After more than 10 years in a communications agency, we created a tool for managing service companies (agencies, intellectual professions) that saves time and money (it replaces an average of 7 tools for our clients and saves about 20% of time for each profession).

Well-mastered processes and tools contribute directly to the performance of a company… or to tragedies.

Usually, our clients come to us in two circumstances: in the growth phase to structure the company and acquire feedback on best practices in the sector… or following an operational disaster that they had not foreseen.

With Furious, it is impossible to lose money without being warned by the tool before losing money!

[JB] What are the innovative offers you are providing to companies?

[DT] With hindsight, there are 3 main ways of organising one’s service activity:

Many different tools: you have the best in each area but beyond a particular company structure it is a trap > (more) difficult to reconcile data quickly and proactively. Impossible to make correlations.

This is often the solution chosen by people who don’t know that they don’t know. One problem, one tool; many tools > (more) problems.

2/A global management tool(ERP) designed more for finance. The main indicators are mastered, but in general the operational teams criticise them for their accounting logic and the fact that they are not very well adapted to the daily management of customer relations.

3/ General management tools designed by operations and which have acquired financial functionalities. These are the new generations of tools, of which Furious forms part, enabling the acceleration of these operations, the creation of correlations, in short, to have an automatic pilot on board the aircraft 😉

Therefore, Furious naturally incorporates all the tools needed to manage its service enterprise

– Predictive prospecting

– Commercial Network Management

– Project management

– Planning

– Billing

– Quotation management

– Purchases

– Expense reports

and HR IS to manage the quality of human resources.

[JB] What are your objectives for this very special year?

[DT] We are continuously adding more connectors to Furious in order to be able to serve more customers.

New predictive tools are being deployed that help our customers anticipate the year-end performance and to take the right organisational and operational decisions.

For example, the tool is able to suggest that you reinforce your teams for an operational problem, weeks before the problem occurs.

In brief, a Furious end of year in perspective!

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