Control your

and maximize your profitability

Centralize your project management on a single platform: track the progress of your production and monitor allocated hours to preserve the profitability of each project.

Stay in control with real-time tracking of your projects and anticipate future performance.


A tool designed by and for producers.

Manage your projects more efficiently with powerful business automations and real-time control of your profitability.

One-click progress updates

Update the status of your projects with one click or activate automatic mode for effortless tracking. Instantly spot delays or financial losses.

Controlled time

Associate your sold and spent time with each project and quote, both in pre-sales and production. Benefit from automatic time reporting for your teams.

Your operational control tower

Supervise your projects with centralized and real-time management. You will never lose money on a project without Furious warning you first. Manage your business and achieve your goals on a single, customizable platform.

All your data in one place

Say goodbye to reconciliations between incompatible software. With Furious, audit your data right where it is produced and gain in both time and accuracy.

What the
project module enables

01 Progress

Update the progress of your projects with a simple drag and drop and benefit from constantly updated production indicators.

Track your time spent against your sold time and understand where your teams are deployed, and how to adjust for controlled profitability.

Analyze the health of all your projects at a glance and focus on where your impact is the most important.

Quickly respond to identified issues and keep your teams engaged in finding effective solutions.

Automatically create your projects from your quotes. Measure your customer and employee satisfaction in real time and secure your future business.

Manage your team’s leave, new recruitments, and team skills on a single platform.


Our clients
speak about


Cédric Morel
CEO, Hula Hoop agency

Thanks to Furious, our growth is better organized. We can manage and plan our teams across different structures and locations, from Montreal to Nantes. It is an essential tool for tracking and supporting our remote expansion.

Caroline Vignand
Managing Director, POP FOR YOU (Humanskills Group)

Before Furious Squad, we struggled to estimate the time spent on each project and to manage profitability. Now, this issue is largely resolved.

Alexandre Aymé
Co-founder, Adveris

With Furious, we track the progress of each project and identify those that are off track. Regular monitoring and bi-weekly internal meetings help us keep projects on the right path.

A myriad of integrations & automations available








Are you wondering ?

How to properly measure the time spent on my projects?

Regardless of your organization, Furious offers tools to automate time planning, track hours spent, and predict the impact on your project’s profitability.


Is my project profitable?

Do you take into account the time spent on pre-sales? Project management? Purchases? With Furious, get a complete real-time analysis of your project’s profitability, allowing you to adjust your strategies before incurring losses.


How to manage my projects based on progress?

As a project grows, it becomes crucial to know the actual progress compared to what was sold. Furious simplifies this complex task with predictive tools, alerting you in advance to avoid any financial loss.


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