THE solution for efficient team and project management!

Furious integrates all the functionalities necessary for the proper management of all types of projects (fixed-price projects, fees, time and materials management, TPAM, contracted purchases, etc.) and team  management (availability by skills or profile, HR management, etc.).

Benefit from AI-assisted planning tools, Gantt views, task and ticket management tools, etc.

With an ultra fast handling, don’t delay any further to manage your teams and your projects at 360°!

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Manage your projects and teams automatically

All you need to manage your teams and projects in one intelligent, intuitive and conversational solution.
  • An indispensable monitoring platform

    Visualise the performance and profitability of your projects. Our visualisation tools change the perception of project performance. At a glimpse, Furious shows you resource availability, team schedules, project profitability, individual and departmental productivity, and customer satisfaction. Several dashboards will allow you to visualise the KPI's and help you define the actions to be taken. Furious will send you reports by e-mail on projects where it detects anomalies.
  • Optimize your production & anticipate your result.

    Planification is good. Making sure that the employees are busy is better. But checking that the staffing generates profit is best! A simple action on the schedule informs you and allows you to anticipate the performance of the coming days/months!
  • Manage your production very closely

    Our anticipation engine offers you the best production combination in order to optimise your monthly production performance in real time. Our collaborative and conversational planning tools relieve you of 80% of the planning burden.

    Our clients gain an average of 7 months of visibility on their planning.

  • Optimal collaboration

    With Furious, your teams are continuously supported. Through a single, visual, conversational platform, your staff can work together, share easily and be alerted to potential errors. Workload alerts, project profitability and team feedback are automatically forwarded to managers. Anticipate, raise awareness and make money with Furious!

  • Tags and to-dos

    Find tables, lists, cards to organize your tasks and todo, and communicate directly with your colleagues.

    A tag / priority system and much more allows you to simplify work on large projects.

    Tired of always creating the same tasks? So load lists of cards! All you have to do is drive them!

  • No more searching for hours!

    Discover our visual & intuitive interface, and easily find all your commercial actions with a simple click!

  • It's time to monitor quality

    Furious natively integrates automatic rating tools for your customers and employees, as well as a multitude of real-time quality indices to improve your business management.

And many more

We still have many surprises for you, request your free trial to find out!

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