your management

for controlled finances

Automate your financial tasks: Simplify all your operations, from purchases to invoices, including cash management, contracts, and quotes.

Stay in control with real-time management of all your data.


A tool designed by and for financial professionals.

More precise management of financial flows supported by powerful business automations. Controlled finances.

Your financial control tower

Centralized and real-time management. Manage your business and achieve your goals on a single, customizable platform.

Purchases and invoices in one click

Furious is NF203 certified and allows you to automate up to 90% of invoicing and follow-ups. Manage your suppliers, purchases, and purchase orders all in one place.

All your data in one place

No more reconciliations between softwares which don’t communicate. With Furious, audit your data right where it is produced and gain in time and accuracy.

Automated pre-accouting

Automatically generate over 80% of accounting entries and synchronize these data with your accounting software through our integrations.

What the
financial module enables

01 Quotes & invoices

Generate your quotes in a few clicks, transform your quotes into invoices, and automate sending and follow-ups. Simplify online payment for your clients and secure your revenue.

Generate your purchases for each project in a few clicks. Easily control and validate your purchases from a single interface. Automatically benefit from real-time updated indicators and prevent project overruns.

Customize the indicators you follow at any time. Stay in control of your business with real-time reporting.

Anticipate your financial landing and future needs with our forecasting engine and connections to over 300 international banks.

Automatically generate 80% of your accounting entries and export these data to your accounting software through our integrations.

Secure your revenue and simplify your transactions with the electronic signature directly integrated into Furious.

From supplier portal to automatic processing of your purchase invoices (OCR) and validation of your expense reports, everything is designed to save you time.


Our clients
speak about


Adrien Bosset

Being able to manage projects, finance, and time tracking within the same tool is a strength: the data communicates, and links are made between all sections. Making the data communicate and linking them brings another angle of analysis to the figures.

Matthieu Didailler
CFO, Insign

We move from a 'photo' tool where we look in the rearview mirror at the situation to a tool that allows us to project forward towards planning.

Paul Vedrine
Head of Management Control, JIN Agency

Furious saves us between half a day and a full day per week on administrative and financial tasks: formatting quotes, centralizing information in one place, tracking time purchases & managing teams.

A myriad of integrations & automations available








Are you wondering ?

What will my
year-end landing be?

With Furious, you can track your year-end financial performance in real time, integrating gross margin, production and sales. All your input data (sales pipeline, projects sold, vacations, absences, production delays, etc.) are taken into account, enabling you to manage your forecasts effectively.


How can I manage my

The larger a project becomes, the more crucial it is to know the actual progress in relation to what has been sold. Furious simplifies this complex task with predictive tools, alerting you upstream to avoid any financial loss.


Is my project profitable?

Do you take into account the time spent on pre-sales? Project management? Purchasing? With Furious, get a complete analysis of the profitability of your projects in real time, enabling you to adjust your strategies before incurring losses.


Does Furious handle multi-entity operations?

Furious handles multi-entity management, supporting VAT, currencies, business units, offices and all intercontract issues. Centralize and simplify the management of your entities with Furious.


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