How much did your last pre-sale cost?

In the service professions, we sell time for money.

As such, it is not easy to evaluate the time spent by the teams on a project that has been awarded (and therefore billable)…

It is not easier to quantify in hard cash what your last pre-sale cost: the competition for Fleuri-Michou.

Do you know how to calculate the cost of your last pre-sale?

The cost of your pre-sale: the beautiful competition without a penny

Indeed, in the vast majority of cases, you will not be paid for the time spent anyway. From the time of the strategic planner to the creative director and the project manager. In the world of communication and more broadly, of service companies, it’s the game, poor Lucette.

However, how can you manage your agency/consulting firm/ESN/architectural firm (delete as appropriate) without knowing how to financially evaluate this time spent and manage the necessary resources?

No wet fingers for pre-sales!

A pre-sale is a project in itself. You have to plan resources, anticipate feedback and corrections, and often propose several leads.

If you hire one or more freelancers, your pre-sales starts to add up.

And yes, the DC that you charge the client 900 euros/day technically costs the same amount of time to work on the competition. And with no certainty that this cost will be paid by the (future) client, if you were not the best. The competitions usually leave 1 chance in 3 or even 5 to win…

The cost of your pre-sales: calculate the expense with Furious

Furious was designed by and for agency executives, and that changes everything.

We have designed specific pre-sales dashboards to help you calculate the expense as effectively as possible. But also to anticipate over-investment and provision resources as appropriate.

The icing on the cake? Furious will send you automatic alerts if pre-sales time dangerously exceeds the project budget.

You will also be able to know the exact cost of your pre-sales in euros. But also the cost of changing a sales person, a service or a product!

In short, enough to bring you some serenity in the midst of the stress of the competition.

Good Luck!

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