Time recording transformed by software: A personalized and efficient approach

You may be wondering why time tracking is so crucial for your company? In a world where every minute counts, managing work time efficiently becomes a top priority. Fortunately, with technological advancements and innovative solutions like Furious Squad, time tracking is no longer a chore, but a lever for performance and satisfaction for your employees. […]

Understanding and selecting the right CRM tool for your business

In today’s competitive business environment, excelling in customer relationship management is not just a necessity, it’s an art. At the heart of this art lies the CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management), which is much more than just software. It is a true strategic partner for any business, whether it’s a dynamic SME or a large […]

Project management: delving into the heart of a people-centred discipline

Project management isn’t simply a series of steps to follow to get the job done. It’s an art, a science, and above all, a passion. Imagine yourself building a house. You wouldn’t start without a plan, without knowing where to place the foundations, or without having a clear idea of what it will look like […]

How Furious supported the growth of the Monet agency: sales multiplied by 2 in 2 years.

Monet + Associates, experiencing significant growth with the development of the Ceetadel group, has been structuring its processes with Furious for several years. It is within this context, and to uncover the secrets behind this rapid growth, that we spoke with Amaury Bataille, Managing Director. Sector challenges, the use of Furious within their group, and […]

3 reasons to manage your business with forecasts

To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to stay one step ahead and be able to anticipate every action. It’s the only way to stay ahead of your competitors.
Here are 3 reasons to convince you.

Why track your business by progress rather than by invoice?

The majority of companies with fewer than 20 employees track their production through to invoicing, while virtually no agencies with more than 100 employees do so. They monitor their production progress….
But why track production by progress rather than by invoice?
At Furious, we’ve decided to reveal this management secret shared by the most structured companies…

How much did your last pre-sale cost?

In the service professions, we sell time for money. As such, it is not easy to evaluate the time spent by the teams on a project that has been awarded (and therefore billable)… It is not easier to quantify in hard cash what your last pre-sale cost: the competition for Fleuri-Michou. Do you know how […]

Furious Squad aims to save agencies time

Davy Tessier and Mickael Lellouche founded and ran the communications agency Disko for 10 years. They are now at the head of the young start-up Furious Squad, which offers a complete solution for agency management.