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Furious is the most complete tool on the market for managing and controlling all the activity of your agency, consulting firm, ESN or start-up!

Key figures

Монтажная область 18

2 locations​

We are present in Paris and Montpellier.

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100% availability rate in 2021​

Монтажная область 20


10 years of experience and feedback from agencies.


Furious is deployed in 8 countries.​

Our mission

Save you time, profitability and speed by anticipating and assisting you in all stages of value creation. In short,an autopilot for your business😉


After having founded and managed for 10 years an independent European digital agency among the most awarded (200 people, 6 sites, 4 countries, 3 continents, 40% growth/year for 10 years), we have experienced all the joys of reorganization, consolidations of data, endless flows and the excitement of creation.

Very early on, we realized that we had to relieve our employees of repetitive tasks, protect the company from all value leaks and allow our managers to focus on their customers or their teams rather than on repetitive or administrative tasks.

We therefore challenged the best tools on the market but we came to a simple conclusion: the more tools there are, the less visibility there is.

So we thought of a method, then interfaces, then tools, then correlations and finally APIs: Furious was born.

Furious in 2022

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Divided between Paris and Montpellier

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