Why also measure employee satisfaction?

On a daily basis, you are more and more asked to give your opinion: TripAdvisor (when you could travel… the old ones know), Airbnb, Uber, Amazon etc etc….

At the slightest action, sometimes even when you have spoken to your bank advisor or an Orange operator for 1 minute and a half, you receive a satisfaction form to fill in.

It’s pleasant, sometimes boring, but at least you feel valued.

As a business leader/manager/perfectionist (delete as appropriate), you often seek to evaluate customer satisfaction.

But have you also thought about monitoring employee satisfaction?

As your employees are like you: they are asked for their opinion all the time. And sometimes they even give it without being asked (hello social networks)

At Furious, we natively integrate the measurement of employee satisfaction into the data that is important for the good management of the company.

And we’ll explain you why it’s important.

From an internal point of view

“Between what I think. What I want to say. What I think I say. What I say. What you want to hear. What you hear. What you understand… There are ten possibilities that we may have difficulties in communicating. But let’s try anyway…”

Bernard Werber

In our TOP 20 management errors in companies, no one is exempt from communication or management errors, that’s a fact. It is not always easy to make oneself understood or to be heard in stressful situations, whether inherent to the company or not.

However, listening is the basis for compensating for possible management mistakes.

It therefore seems essential to ask for this feedback at obvious stages: end of project, HR monitoring, team needs, etc. And to automate this process in order to be sure of having regular quantitative and qualitative feedback.

This brings 2 essential benefits:

  • This will enable you to highlight potential problems, tensions and misunderstandings well in advance. And to remedy them before you end up with a big mess that managers fear.
  • On the other hand, some sectors, including digital agencies and ESNs, are subject to fierce HR competition: turnover is high and a big salary is not enough to secure the good elements. An employee who feels heard and taken into account will appreciate it and this will contribute to their loyalty.
employee satisfactions
Sources: Les Echos and Ifop

From an external point of view

First of all, the employee is often the window to the customer: it is therefore essential to keep an overview of what is going on between them in order to anticipate problems and collateral damage.

Therefore, the evaluation of employee satisfaction is the logical counterpart to the evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Moreover, beyond the customer, it is the whole chain of prospection but also of recruitment that can be impacted by the poor satisfaction of your employees.

In the age of social networks and Glassdoor, your followers are likely to give their opinion publicly, with or without your knowledge or control.

company employee satisfaction

The #BalanceTonAgency phenomenon has had a strong impact on the sector. Some of the issues raised could surely have been dealt with internally. And the iceberg would have been detected much earlier, without going through the “let’s wash our dirty linen in public” process.

Monitor your employees’ satisfaction with Furious

Of course, it is very frustrating to discover dissatisfaction and frustration after it has come to light on public platforms. But again, anticipate potential problems. Take notice and react. And you will be likely to turn a disgruntled employee into an ambassador for your company.

Furious saves our clients an average of 20% of their management time. That’s 1 full day of your working week. Yeah, right.

Like a virtual assistant, the tool will be there to remind you of your employees’ birthdays. But also to monitor their satisfaction at the end of projects, both with the project itself and with the client or the associated team.

It will also be your partner for interviews and performance monitoring. The interface that will communicate your teams’ needs (yes yes this is where they will ask you for a new ping-pong table #TrueStory) etc.

In short, business management does not stop at project management or customer follow-up, your wealth comes from within. Your resources are precious because that is what you sell. It is important to have a clear, fair and empirical vision of how your employees feel, because “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, “no wind is favorable.”.

* Of course, some of the facts reported require much more than an evaluation of employee satisfaction, and deal with endemic problems that unfortunately no tool could solve.

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