How to spend less time billing for time spent?

For many agencies counting and invoicing the time spent is a nightmare. 😅

The sales representatives, accountants…They all waste precious time, postponing it until tomorrow. And you can’t blame them: it’s not an easy task to manage.

How to spend less time charging for over time?

To solve this problem and save you time, Furious allows you to automatically track the times of your teams – whether or not they are attached to a project – and generate invoices in one click based on the times spent for the selected period.

You can send your invoices automatically, reminders in case of non-payment as well and of course, your cut-offs are precise and in real time.

You have a clear and projected view of your agency’s financial situation and you recover your cash more quickly.

“Between the recurring templates I use and the standard rate line options, billing 30-40 customers each month in Furious takes me minutes at most.”

How do I create time-based invoices in Furious?

  1. First, select the times to be invoiced.
  2. Furious generates an invoice preview, so you can see what you’re creating and edit what you want.
  3. Send the invoice directly from Furious.
  4. Enable automatic forwarding if you want Furious to forward on time for you.


The advantage of creating invoices with Furious? The tool calculates and generates the data itself, which reduces the risk of human error.

With Furious bank reconciliation, you can reconcile payments in seconds, and automatically have up-to-date accounting tracking.

Furious also includes pre-accounting tools that provide you with accounting exports for over 90% of your entries.

“For me, the billing part is amazing. It gives me an overview of project budgets and I cannot fail to see that there is an open budget left after delivering a project.” 

How can I see which times have been billed or not?

To see which times have or have not been billed, you can use our “unbilled time” widget.

Here you can filter by client, contract, project and, by ticking the boxes, create time-related invoices on the fly.

NB: you can go further by creating one contract per customer and attaching all times to this contract.

The Benefits of Using Invoice Creation with Furious

Here is an overview of the benefits you get from using Furious as a management tool:

With the help of our bank connector, you can automatically link Furious to your company account for even more flexibility!

Get paid faster using Furious' invoice generator

All this makes invoicing faster and easier, and it also helps you when clients want more details about the projects they’ve been invoiced for. You spend less time billing for time spent, and time is money 😉

If you need help with billing in Furious, read this article, or contact us for a demo with the Furious Squad.

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