Enterprise Resource Planning for Start-ups and SME services

You may be experiencing these problems :

  • Are you tired of duplicating tools (and licences)?
  • Do you have difficulty obtaining real visibility for your company and your projects?
  • Do you need easier management of your external partners?
  • And first of all,do you really knowthe profitability of a project, a client or a pre-sale?
  • Do you want to simplify the management of customer returns?
  • You would like to save time on invoicing or collecting of payment?
  • Do you have little or no automated approach to project quality (scoring, interviews, campaigns etc.)?
  • Is monitoring your recruitment a major issue?

All-in-one online start-up and SME management software. The essentials are there: CRM, quotes, project management, planning, holidays, invoices, purchases and predictive dashboards!

Made in France for more than 10 years, Furious is the management and management tool dedicated to SMEs and start-ups that will change your life.

What do we have more than the other tools?

  • Designed by leaders, we understand and anticipate your needs and stakes.
  • Gain visibility and efficiency on all projects!
  • At a glance, find the right competence, internal or external.
  • Simply manage your equipment for a serene and optimised use.
  • Automate your reminders (sales, invoicing, ndf, etc.)!
  • Furious brings you the decision-making intelligence essential to your ambitions!
  • Discover a tool that finally understands and anticipates your business flows.
  • Structure yourself with Furious for profitable growth!

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Find out how Furious can help you:

  • Predictive Dashboard

    Furious allows you to visualise in real time the current activity but also to estimate your future activity!

  • Simple quotation and invoicing software.

    Furious provides everything you need to manage your marketing, quotes and sales pipeline. Depending on your workflow, Furious helps you to see your objectives clearly and supports you in your daily actions. Furious also calculates the cost to the euro of your pre-sales and warns you if it becomes unsustainable.

  • The planning of your resources

    A simple right click allows you to add your tasks to the production schedule.
    Then visualize the key elements (project/holidays/surcharges/…) thanks to different color codes.
    Furious also offers management of material planning & meeting rooms. Plan your resources at the same time as equipment!

  • Simplified management of quotations & invoices

    Furious integrates tools that simplify the issuance of quotations (with rate cards per client, etc.) and invoices (one-click invoicing, etc.)
    An intuitive interface combined with a conversational approach that makes life easier for your back office.

  • Generate and send your employees' CVs in one click!

    Define your CV templates, choose what information to display or not, and forward them to your contacts via e-mail with a simple click.

  • Interact with your customers and suppliers in real time

    In a few clicks, create tasks on your projects and exchange with your customers or partners to successfully complete them.

  • An efficient and intuitive knowledge base per project

    Organise important project information (FAQs, documents, customer responses). Furious will provide you with these contents when you need them!

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