Top 10 reasons to equip your consultancy with an ERP

In a communications agency, we are rather creative and resourceful. It’s not surprising that over the years, everyone has found their own solution for managing day-to-day operations: a CRM here, a Trello and a Gantt there, quotes on Excel and information on a good family Drive…

We conduct highly specialised creative monitoring, we launch impactful, multi-award-winning communication campaigns, we engage in permanent verbal discussions in order to generate ideas, implement them and deploy them! We form think-tanks and create charters to try and frame and enhance this work behind the scenes…

So why are too many agencies still not thinking about getting an ERP system?

Which would allow them to go even faster? To share more resources and costs and to have a clear vision of what each minute spent on a particular campaign or project brings in? And to be able to evaluate and give fair value to everything we produce.

Here are the top 10 reasons that should help you to make the move.

Why an ERP? To analyse the real profitability of what we sell

The primary reason for our customers to use an ERP system like Furious is to obtain an accurate analytical view of what they sell and what they make money on.

One of our clients realised, for example, that he was investing enormous amounts of energy in selling social media, which yielded a 5% profit. While his motion design services, which are less often sold and therefore less visible, were bringing in almost 20% profit! He realised this because of Furious and was able to rethink his sales strategy accordingly.

Why an ERP? Structure your growth

A small agency is managed intuitively: you can feel things, employees, clients… But as soon as you get bigger, your senses deceive you. Our reflexes, which were our strength until now, become obstacles. That’s why Furious’ main objective is the profitable growth of our clients.

Why an ERP? Delegate

Gone are the days when it was impossible to be everywhere and yet be nowhere… An ERP manages rights, access, alerts by profile… It becomes the dream assistant, the one who organises, anticipates and distributes tasks. Why deprive yourself of it?

Why an ERP? Recognise your actual figure

We have already told you here that it is impossible to achieve profitable and healthy growth without monitoring the progress of your activity. Which reflects the reality of the agency at the moment.

Furious allows you to monitor your progress and all your KPI’s simply. Without having to worry about Sandra from accounting, the project managers and directors… Peace of mind

Why an ERP? To automate workflows

If, like us, you have little patience for repetitive tasks. If you think (rightly) that your added value resides elsewhere…. If you think (rightly) that your added value resides elsewhere… An ERP will change your life!

Automate your reminders, your invoicing, the planning of resources and rooms, the automatic electronic signature of your quotations, or get paid automatically by Stripe etc…

Why an ERP? Anticipate alerts

Our agency clients are categorical: no more unpleasant surprises with Furious because the project alerts are there to warn you in case of excesses (before they happen, of course!)… Very useful when you work in fixed price mode!

Beyond the project alerts, Furious notifies you on subjects as diverse as Jean-Mi from the creative department’s birthday, the end of Kevin’s trial period, Rebecca’s computer problem or reminds Mona of the bizdev (business development) about the imminent Fleuron-Michou brief…

Why an ERP? Cross-reference complex data to turn it into a decision-making factor

The major difference between single task tools such as Gantt, Pipedrive or Monday and an ERP such as Furious is the scope covered.

Furious manages CRM, projects, finances, HR and planning…This enables data to be cross-referenced to provide a clear and rational view. A precise vision of profitability, workload, planning, commercial reminders, purchases etc…

In short, everything that is essential for a good ship’s captain!

Why an ERP? To better sell your agency

Are you thinking of handing over? But good luck in reselling your agency if all the knowledge is only in the hands of the CEO or CFO!

The ERP centralises the information and enables it to be analysed in all possible ways: quantitative/qualitative, synthetic/analytical. At Furious, we even do everything to make all this information attractive with graphics and very clear decision-making dashboards… enough to seduce all buyer profiles and above all to make them feel secure!

Why an ERP? To better involve employees

You know, Furious enables you to monitor employee satisfaction. But beyond that, it’s a great way to engage them by giving them access to data that is obvious to you, but which they are often unaware of. It makes them more responsible. For many of our clients, it has really changed the relationship to profitability for operational staff.

Why an ERP? Moving to real-time

We explain: without ERP, the data is analysed by Sandra-of-the-Accounting, who does so after receiving the documents, often 1 to 3 months later than in reality. With even less delay than that, the Titanic has sunk. We say that, we say nothing.

As you may have realised, an ERP is a fantastic management AND monitoring tool for your agency. It enables you to focus fully on your added value: making decisions, with the right cards in hand!

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