Best practices in fixed price project management

Best practices To manage a fixed price project you must manage: from fixed price project management
The budget
The scope
The planning.
Here are the best practices for managing fixed price projects with Furious.

Top 10 reasons to equip your consultancy with an ERP

In a communications agency, we are rather creative and resourceful. It’s not surprising that over the years, everyone has found their own solution for managing day-to-day operations: a CRM here, a Trello and a Gantt there, quotes on Excel and information on a good family Drive… We conduct highly specialised creative monitoring, we launch impactful, […]

Why also measure employee satisfaction?

Measuring employee satisfaction is the logical counterpart to measuring customer satisfaction. Furious helps you get regular quantitative and qualitative feedback.

How do you retain your freelancers?

In the communication sector (but not only), the use of independent partners (aka freelancers) is quite common. Some companies accept it, some don’t, but that’s not the point here. The real challenge for everyone is the same: how to keep in touch and retain the freelancers with whom we like to work? Those who help […]

How to optimise teleworking?

When you say you work in communications on a first date, or when your friends ask you about your job on weekend, there’s a kind of cloud around you, have you noticed? Halfway between 99 Francs (already 20 years old!) and the fantasies about Google and Silicon Valley, you represent a kind of avant-gardist, creative, […]