Are you equipped for the billing reform planned for 2024?

Before Furious, many of our customers used Excel (or even Word or InDesign for the bravest) to create their quotes and invoices. Beyond the limited aesthetics/over time, not using a billing software is a mistake in managing your business. Indeed, your invoice is legally questionable if it is not created via an approved software (mono-task […]

Why monitor your activity by progress rather than by invoice?

The majority of companies with less than 20 employees follow their production to invoicing, when practically no agency with more than 100 employees does. They follow their production as it progresses….
But why monitor production by progress rather than by invoice?
At Furious, we have decided to reveal you the management secret shared by the most structured companies…

Why also measure employee satisfaction?

Measuring employee satisfaction is the logical counterpart to measuring customer satisfaction. Furious helps you get regular quantitative and qualitative feedback.

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